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Production Process


This company Supplies its raw materials from the most existing mines which have the highest quality and the least impurities.

The whole manufacturing equipments have been imported abroad and are full automatic.

The melting procedure of materials is supervised by thermocouples and by electronic,exact digital systems which dictate electronic commands to the production process at determined times.

Products are manufactured in the following regular stages:

- Grinding the raw materials in the relvant mesh.
- Mixing the materials and loading them in special furnaces.
- Pressing and moulding by fully automatic equipments.
- Removal of pleated parts and screening them.
- Grinding the products by means of required materials.
- Rinsing by floric acid with the relvant purity percentage and by needed additives for lucidity of the products.
- Heating tunnel for removal of surface tiny hair cracks and removal of the created tension.
- Final polishing for presentation of an extremely attractive and glazzed product.
- Having passed the aforementioned stages, the product is sampled at random and delivered to the laboratory of the company andd the concerning parameters are checked very exactly according to existing standards.
- The final product is packed in packages of 25 kgs with due regard to correct principles of packing for easy transportation.

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